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 Additional Services 

Memphis Psychiatric provides a range of additional services to extend its psychiatric care, responding to specific requirements or fulfilling needs that can become apparent during consultation.


Forensic Psychiatry

Dr. White is often called to be an expert witness in both criminal and civil proceedings including obtaining power of attorney or conservatorship for a patient.  The primary duty of an expert witness is to provide an independent opinion to the court about a specific issue and testify about that opinion.


If you would like to contact Dr. White regarding Forensic Psychiatry services, you may email him at or call his office at 901-755-9905.


Perinatal and prenatal psychopathology are common and often under treated  with wide-ranging consequences for both mother and baby.  Dr. White offers routine peri- and prenatal mental health screenings coupled with non-judgemental, collaborative, and individualized care.

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